MDfax™ and Mail Services

When you need to communicate with Physicians quickly and effectively

Access over 65,000 Physicians

MDfax™ gives you access to 65,636 Canadian Physicians when you need it most - today! We can also reach these physicians by mail to supply them with your information and/or samples. Our database of physicians can identify the targeted audience you need and is updated twice a month.


Targeted Audience

Given the diversity of this professional group, it is important to utilize a service than can identify physicians by specialty. MDfax™ & Mail service segregates physicians by specialty (including surgeon specialty), by language, by province and by region.


Capacity to Communicate Quickly

When you need to reach your audience FAST, MDfax™ can broadcast 10,000 faxes per hour, usually within 1 hour of the time you approve your document(s). MDfax™ is always exclusive to your information and is never broadcast with other information on the same transmission. Personalized fax merge service is also available.

Summary of Physician List