PharmaTel RX/OTC Services

Alternative Sales Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry


MRG provides the pharmaceutical industry with a proven, cost effective alternative to servicing the pharmacist. With in-depth experience detailing new products, expanding distribution channels and communicating formulary additions or changes, MRG provides a turn key service that frees your sales force to concentrate on the targeted physicians.

PharmaTel has been specifically designed to provide the industry with a "bundled" approach to communicating with the pharmacist. As an example, immediately upon DIN or NOC approval, MRG is able to notify all pharmacies via broadcast fax, then telemarket all locations to secure initial distribution, process all orders to the respective wholesalers and finally distribute your CPS inserts and counselling tools by First Class or Bulk mailing.

With professionally trained Health Care personnel, MRG's unique bilingual service handles all aspects of the pharmacist call.


MRG's PharmaTel services are ideally suited to provide you with supplemental coverage when unique opportunities arise or during your salesforce's peak periods. By focusing our services on non-targeted physicians, PharmaTel can free your salesforce to concentrate on the key centers of influence. Keeping these professionals abreast of changes and new information, positions your organization in a positive light.