MRG Round Table™
Web & Phone Conferencing Service

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No Reservation Required
Begin a meeting instantly from anywhere. As a MRG Round Table™ member you will be assigned a moderator ID and PIN number that will allow you to set up a meeting anywhere and at anytime. You can use this same access number for all your calls.


No Set-Up or Cancellation Fees
Life happens and you may need to reschedule your conference. As an MRG Round Table™ member you don’t have to worry about set-up, cancellation or re-scheduling fees because there are none.


Record and Playback
This service offers you the option of recording your conference/presentation for later reference and/or to make available for others to access. Playback is provided in 100% Java so any user can listen with RealNetworks RealPlayer.


Security and Redundancy
Four layers of convergent infrastructure.


24/7 Customer Service
Available anytime, day or night. Our customer service is just a couple of key strokes away during a conference or available with our toll free number before or after a conference.


Instant detailed reporting outlining your attendees and minutes used.


Integrated Solution
Experience the convenience of one vendor, one number, and one bill for all your telecommunication needs.