Telemarketing Services

Specialist to the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Retail Bookings

As sales costs continue to escalate, manufacturers are forced to concentrate their retail coverage on their top retail accounts within the major urban centers. The smaller, lower volume and geographically remote accounts rarely, if ever, have direct contact with the manufacturer. This lack of contact has reduced the effectiveness of the manufacturers to generate support for ongoing product offering, let alone their promotional initiatives.

MRG's Telemarketing Services provide our clients with a "Voice at Retail". Our professional bilingual sales personnel maximize your call for orders, flyer support and promotional activities by generating measurable incremental sales volume. MRG's retail booking activities produce ROI's of 400% to 1200% with speed and efficiency that cannot be matched.


New Product Launches

With the enormous cost of new product development and introduction, it is imperative that today's consumer goods companies secure the widest retail distribution possible in the shortest period of time. According to New Product News...
"The number of new products, including line extensions, introduced in grocery stores each year increased from less than 3,000 in 1980 to more than 17,000 in 1993, 20,000 in 1994 and more than 30,000 in 2002. "

MRG's Telemarketing Services provide a definite competitive advantage by expanding your Reach, Depth and Scope at retail.


New Distribution Channels

Every manager has a list of new distribution channels they would like to explore. Efficiently executed, these channels can generate those precious incremental unit sales. Unfortunately, most of these new channels will not generate the needed volume to justify a traditional sales call.

MRG's Telemarketing Services provides you with the vehicle to investigate the volume and long term business development potential without disrupting your current salesforce. By combining Direct Mail or Broadcast Fax with a targeted telemarketing campaign, MRG can open these new channels quickly and profitably to establish your products as leaders within the category.


Cyclical Call Coverage

The economic climate of the 90's has forced manufacturers to re-evaluate their retail sales deployment. Typically, the result has been reduced geographic coverage focused on key territorial accounts, leaving numerous loyal retailers with little or no regular sales contact as they have been deemed unprofitable to service. In turn, these retailers are no longer motivated to support your brands.
"On average, the number of consumer-packaged-goods SKU's grew 16% each year from 1985 to l992 while retail shelf space expanded by only l.5% each year"

HBR Sept-Oct 1994

MRG's Telemarketing Services can design a customized account program that is tailored to meet the needs of both you and your retail customers. Taking into account frequency and store volume, MRG can return these retailers to being supportive buyers and promoters of your products. The cost effectiveness of our services can expand your sales and marketing initiatives across a larger account base, all within your existing sales and marketing budgets.